Data Entry

Data Entry Services

Data entry is the main component of any business. It involves all kinds of records maintainence. This seems like a simple task, but it is not the scenario, work is very thorough and efficient professionals are required. This information is invaluable for any organization, regardless of size and strength. Today, tremendous changes are taking place in business and industry and advanced IT services help capturing data much simpler and more efficient than ever.
Zenith Info offers Innovative backoffice and data entry solutions. In addition to simple entry work, we can assist you in your outsourcing, administrative and back office projects. To achieve this task, we have all the technical, human and organizational expertise to produce management tasks that require specific business knowledge and sharp analytical skills. Some of the services we provide are ;
Document Research : research specific information from multiple sources and media, as well as analysis and cross-checking the results.
- constitution and updated data base of prospects / customers / suppliers.
- collecting information for statistical purposes.
- Gathering and delivering information on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

-PDF to word conversion
-Word to PDF conversion
-Flyers creation
-Creative banner creation
-All kinds of form processing
-OCR services
-Convering scanned document in word/pdf format

Data Processing - Outsourcing Form Processing

Form processing is the day-to-day activity of many organizations. Most of the services offering organizations deal with huge number of forms every day. This is particularly true in the case of telecom companies. Telecom companies receive various application forms on a regular basis. And processing of these forms is a tedious and monotonous job that can cost your time and money. Our form processing services can help solve this problem. Our services covers both online form processing as well as offline form processing.

Different types of form processing that we offer are:

  • Insurance claims processing
  • Credit card processing
  • Telecom form processing
  • Health care claim processing
  • Medical form processing
  • Automobile form processing
  • Loan form processing

Benefits of outsourcing form processing services over doing it in-house:

  • Effective manage and process forms
  • Achieve operational efficiency
  • Minimize operational cost
  • Increased return on investment
  • Optimal utilization of resources

Data Conversion - Pdf Conversion Service

Are you on the looking out for PDF conversion services and do not know how to find one. Then you have come to the right place and we are here to help you out. Having successfully executed many PDF conversion projects we have the right experience and expertise to do the job. With the increasing use of internet to share and transfer files, PDF formats have become the most preferred format. PDF conversion is the process of converting documents into a presentable PDF formats. Since PDF’s should be well aligned content presentation and aesthetics, it requires the help of a professional to the job. We at MK Infotech offer data processing services at affordable rates. With skilled PDF conversion professionals working on your project you can expect the best.

     Outsourcing PDF conversion service includes:

  • PDF file conversion service
  • Word PDF conversion service
  • PDF image extraction services
  • Conversion to paper document service
  • PDF to text files
  • PDF to JPG
  • PDF to MS word, excel and power point
  • Books to PDF
  • PDF to Word conversion
  • PDF to XLS conversion
  • PDF to XML conversion
  • PDF to Text PDF to Rtf conversion

     We produce PDF files as per your requirements:

  • PDF as plain Image
  • PDF with searchable text behind image
  • PDF with formatted text and graphics
  • Adding hyperlink and bookmarks
  • PDF as plain Image with Index entries

     How to outsource and get your word conversion done:

  • Let us know about your any format to word conversion requirement with some samples.
  • We will prepare a customized solution as per your requirement.
  • We will perform a free test run and get your feedback.
  • After approval of the sample quality, we will finalize the process flow, price and prepare SLA for the project.
  • We will allocate appropriate team members; and give them training as per the defined process flow.
  • We will commence live work with adequate quality and audit control.
  • Delivery of the final product with the request of feedback will be given.
  • Invoicing for the completed job after your satisfactory feedback will be done.