Oracle Apps DBA Services

Zenith Info will assign every customer with a primary and a secondary DBA from both on-shore and off-shore who will be dedicated to understand their specific needs and how the environments are used within the organization. These DBA’s are the experts with 10 to 15 years of experience, who understand the technology, service delivery model. All our database administrators are employees of Zenith Info as supposed to contractors or 3rd party body shoppers.

With Oracle E-Business Suite R12.x (12.1 & 12.2), the complexity of work performed by the Applications DBA has grown significantly. Each release of R12 has changed the technology stack very complex and has made subsequent management and upgrade very difficult. The knowledge and skills required to keep the systems up and running as increased to the point where the companies had to maintain teams of Apps DBA’s just to keep up.

All of our DBAs are skilled trainers and presenters, so when it comes to transferring knowledge to your existing staff, you can rest assured that they will not only "do the job", but "show you how to do the job". Our DBAs provide both onshore and remote services. Leverage our experience, knowledge, and skills by utilizing our DBAs and reap the benefits of our expertise to ensure that your Apps DBA needs are satisfied.

Additional benefits of greater stability, better performance and a deep pool of resources that can result from managed services combine to create a truly effective ROI.

Our well experienced and trained staff will help you with:

  • Architecture & Design.
  • Applications maintenance and patching.
  • Cloning Prod to non-prod environments.
  • Support Code Migrations.
  • Support and perform major and minor application upgrades.
  • On-Going production support & problem resolution.
  • Proactive performance monitoring and tuning application process.
  • Supporting Oracle Service request for end users (business & technical).
  • Setup and maintain DMZ/External Tier configurations.
  • Support Interfaces and Customizations.
  • Provide Technical support to business and functional users/teams.
  • Maintain system health (identifying and stopping runaway or hung process/sessions).
  • Provide Comprehensive monthly reviews and reports.
  • And much more…

Oracle Application Support Services

Zenith Info  extended Support model is a customer-focused solution that allows you to retain ownership and maintenance responsibilities of the Oracle system. The model was created after witnessing the challenges that many customers face with a fixed, in-house support team. We understand that Oracle application is a dynamic component of any organization, involved in any number of initiatives throughout the year. The Extended Support model provides your organization with the flexibility to expand your team without the costs of adding headcount or on boarding and paying travel expenses for on-site consultants.

Zenith Info extended Support model provides a scalable team that is ready to provide Oracle assistance on-demand, governed by Service Level Agreements (SLA). Working from our Application Support Center, you have access to a team of skilled Oracle consultants who are familiar with your organization. Working as little or as much as needed, our team can assist with production support, configuration of existing functionality, or development of new solutions. Our objective is to provide a seamless extension of your own in-house Oracle support team, leveraging our deep Oracle and business knowledge to keep your business critical applications performing at peak-level.


How it works?

Our Database Management Center is typically connected to your systems via site-to-site VPN, so we have efficient yet encrypted communications. We have blended together specific management tools & unparalleled DBA experience to create a comprehensive monitoring and alerting solution for Oracle or SQL Server environments. Through this solution our substantial team of Certified DBAs can react immediately to resolve problems, regardless of the time of day.

This solution is at the core of our support offering; however, it is enhanced further by regular health checks, performance audits, bespoke reporting, capacity planning, security testing and numerous other discrete DBA services


  • Return on Investment when compared to using internal employees.
  • Low cost route into 24x7 support & management of mission critical applications.
  • Reduction of personnel based risks such as holiday/sickness/leaving.
  • Allowing internal staff to focus on higher level tasks that add business value.
  • Quicker problem rectification leading to less downtime, less costs and increased efficiency.
  • On Demand access to a pool of Oracle skills that would be impossible to recruit.
  • Access to specialist methods of support & service delivery that have been proven to work.

Oracle DBA Services

Do you have a very hard time justifying the expense of a full-time Database Administrator?

Are you located in an area where it is really difficult to find qualified and experienced Database Administrators?

Maintaining database availability and performance requires knowledge and skill of experienced DBAs. But hiring and retaining DBAs is a difficult and expensive proposition as good DBAs are in high demand and short at supply.

Service Offerings:

We specialize in Oracle. We are the Oracle performance optimization experts. We have experienced Oracle applications DBA and Oracle DBA, to provide mission-critical support and to efficiently run your Oracle application instances. We use our deep knowledge to ensure that you maximize your Oracle system investments. Our team is available for you to provide Performance Optimization, Database Administration, Oracle Monitoring, as well as Custom Database Project Implementation. After completion projects, we are available on an ongoing, on-call basis to support your team as needed.

The Oracle Extended DBA Service does not replace your primary DBA, but rather provides you with additional resources. These resources can be utilized during peak processing periods, upgrade/update cycles, for evening or weekend support, or in the absence of your primary DBA/Administrator.
We provide extended DBA services on a fixed monthly fee or on Usage basis (T&M). You choose the timing of coverage – standard (for peak-hour support), after-hours (for routine maintenance tasks) or 24*7 support.

Zenith Info provides the following services to their end clients:

  • Database and server installation, setup, configuration and upgrade
  • Database availability, disaster recovery and fault tolerance
  • 24/7 monitoring and support
  • Database capacity planning
  • Data Migration
  • Database system architecture, design and implementation
  • Replication

Oracle Remote 7/24 Services (On-Shore/Off-Shore)

Oracle remote 7/24 services support plans are tailored to your business needs and budget requirements. Our cost-effective remote service options range from monthly database reviews to 24/7 support with guaranteed response times. You can utilize our remote DBAs to complement your in-house resources, or utilize our full DBA outsourcing services for all your production database support.

Our well experienced and trained staff will help you with:

  • 7x24x365 Support remotely for all database and applications.
  • Dedicated remote Database Administrators familiar with your system
  • Access to our robust Database monitoring and alert notification tools
  • Minimize database downtime
  • Increase database performance
  • Perform Backup and Recovery during non-business hours to minimize performance impact.
  • And much more…