SAP Practice maintains a 100% reference-able track record with consultants who have nearly two decades of SAP expertise, including work with R/2, R/3, and my SAP implementations.

Our SAP Practice is a recognized services leader in providing integrated business solutions to global customers with SAP Enterprise Resource Planning/Enterprise Resource Management backend applications. [Sanchit offers]....? a unique spectrum of technology, operations and business expertise, enabling global organizations to realize the full benefit of information technology throughout their enterprise.
The  SAP Practice provides services in all aspects of SAP R/3 implementations, such as:

    • Finance/Controlling (FICO)
    • Sales and Distribution (SD)
    • Human Resources (HR)
    • Materials and Manufacturing (MM)
    • Business Warehouse (BW)
    • Procurement/ Production Planning (PP)
    • Advanced Planner and Optimizer (APO)
    • Enterprise Buyer Professional (EBP)
    • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Enterprise Portals (Workplace)
    • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
    • Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM)

    From planning and implementation, to operation and ongoing development, Adroit offers one-stop SAP services. A certified partner of the world's leading enterprise software vendor, Adroit has unique insight into SAP applications - right from core ERP and CRM, to Business Intelligence - and can find the right mix for your business. By tailoring those capabilities to the needs of your organization, Adroit creates highly efficient processes, and fosters greater user productivity.      
    Learn how you can Enhance Total Ownership Experience by achieving process excellence and gaining new capabilities with our SAP Services

    • Implementation

    We help you to make the right decisions.
    SAP implementation practice serves enterprises in Discrete and Process Manufacturing industries across Agro Products, Automotive, Consumer Packaged Goods, Chemicals, Hi-Tech and other industries as well as in manufacturing styles spanning Batch, Continuous, Made-to-stock, made-to-order, and engineer-to-order.

    Our implementation skills are in great demand – a fact borne out by many successful projects across industries. From the very outset, we give you expert advice and assistance, geared to your needs. Collaborating closely with you, our consultants draw up the high-level systems design. We work hand in hand with you to define the SAP functionality required to meet your challenges. A key advantage is that our consultants know the demands of your industry, and the corresponding processes, inside out. As a result, we can help you to execute rapid, smooth SAP system go-live.

    Our approach centers on capturing and addressing all implicit needs of our customers. We follow industry specific best practices and SAP provided Accelerated SAP implementation methodology for rapid, risk-free, and successful implementations. By combining our vast experience with the ASAP methodology, we take our clients through a systematically drawn roadmap that portrays project structure and provides a detailed description of work packages, activities, and tasks for each phase of the implementation project.

    • Re-Implementation

    SAP provides the world’s best Business Process Platform. But the success of an implementation lies in leveraging this platform for crafting a “Relevant Solution” to address business pains. Customers often face serious challenges in the translation of this world class product into a potent solution. As a result, many organizations either abort the ERP initiative or compromise with a sub-optimal implementation.

    But the investment is already made and it is only fair to expect satisfying returns. So if you have the drive to face this challenge head-on, learn from your past experiences, and make another attempt, we can help you. Adroit takes pride in partnering with you to ensure that your optimism is rewarded.

    We believe that a re-implementation exercise needs an entirely different approach; one that is participative. Your organization has now an invaluable additional resource – experience – and our methodology incorporates this aspect into project execution. No doubt that the project is more complex than a regular implementation and sensitivity is higher because of higher expectations and elevated pressures for success.

    By working very closely with all the levels in your organization, and by taking a clean-slate approach that does not dissipate energies in fault finding exercises; we re-craft your SAP solution by using a tailored process that includes:

     a.            Focusing on ‘characteristic’ business needs and process exceptions
    b.             Designing optimal solution through right sized expectations
    c.             Creating extensive test plans and ensuring their execution
    d.             Proper, comprehensive user training and hand holding
    e.             Close interaction and involvement of your top management
    f.              Commitment for continual engagement after go-live to ensure stabilization of the solution

    Through this innovative offering, Adroit has helped many customers in correcting their SAP implementation. Many customers have been brought back into the SAP ecosystem and are now “Happily Married to SAP”.

    • Migration

    Adroit is uniquely positioned to understand the interplay between your technical architecture and solution design. As a result, Migration Services, which necessitate a deep understanding of your organization’s infrastructure strategy, are Zenithinfo’s most valued offering.

    • During the entire lifecycle of your SAP solution, you may consider Migration for various reasons, including
    • Hardware refresh
    • Upgrading from 32-bit Windows to 64-bit Windows
    • RDBMS version upgrade
    • Cross platform (operating system / RDBMS) migration
    • SAP version upgrade

     Whatever may the reason be, Adroit helps you: from sizing to post activity performance tuning.
    Zenithinfo’s migration offering is based on SAP’s ASAP methodology for continuous business improvement. Our approach focuses on areas like release strategy development, delta training, and collateral review.

    • Support and Maintenence

    We have an impeccable record of providing application support, with aggressive service levels, to a large pool of application users in multiple locations. Our support methodology is based on the principle of adding constantly increasing value to our client's business. This 'Continuous Improvement Methodology' is woven within our support model.
    We have developed innovative, flexible, and customizable engagement models based on the 'Pay-per-Use' concept that enable our clients to benefit from our cost-efficient support model and avoid paying when there is no usage. Through offshore delivery capabilities, and a matured ticket handling mechanism, we provide our customers with a transparent and cost effective experience that enables them to strategically forecast costs and improvement benefits over the period of the association.